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Rock salt is the most cost-effective deicing product available for removing snow and ice, keeping traffic and the economy flowing. It has kept our road network moving in ice and snow for half a century, and its still by far the best option for de-icing highways. It’s easy to use, store and apply How Does Salt Work? It lowers the freezing point of water. The level of depression is dependent upon the amount of salt used.

Animal Feed

For centuries, people have supplemented the diets of animals with different forms of salt, such as blocks intended for their licking or to be mixed with their regular food. The blocks of salt are licked on demand or eaten by animals through grass or feed. In recent years the need for supply of rock salt for animals has increased, in addition with other minerals needed to complete their nutrition.

Industerial Salt

Salt is a strategic raw material in chemical industry. It is the basis for about 10 000 derived products in the pharmaceutical, glass, paints, cleaning agents, cosmetics, automotive, construction, aluminium, textile and many other industries. Omasha is the exclusive producer and supplier of salt to the Sinmar industries in Egypt , for the production of caustic soda, plastics such as polyvinylchloride (PVC), and more than 14 000 uses.

Water Softening

Soft water is necessary for numerous industrial processes, but also in private households. The hardness components calcium and magnesium are removed from the water by the ion exchange method. Ion-exchange water softeners work by taking the minerals that cause hardness out of the water. The softener contains millions of tiny resin beads which remove calcium and magnesium as the water passes through. Omasha offers a wide range of pure adapted salt.

About Omasha

Salt Producer, Distributor & Supplier
Our Mission is to produce high quality salt products for our customers .

Established over 5 years ago, Egyptian company "Omasha" is a major Ice melt salt and chemical salt producer supplying a wide range of high-quality products. Omasha has evolved to become a trusted market player known for providing a reliable service to a verity of clientele. Our experienced and dedicated staff will ensure you get the product you want, when you need it and in excellent condition. Our location and ports of loading are strategically located to service your delivery needs. The reserves are estimated over 4 Billion Tones, with a high quality of salt. The exploitation method is “Rooms and Pillars”. It is a perfect method to strength the roofing and preserves the safety of the employees. It also allows a good flexibility in terms of production capacity. As per today Omasha Has extracted over 4 Million tons of Rock salt. The production capacity of Omasha is around 500 000 t/ Year and it could be increased to more than 800 000 t / Year

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